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Title: Layout Designer

  • Location: US National
  • Remote
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Are you an Adobe aficionado?

Can you distinguish between a Helvetica and an Arial terminal at 100 yards?

Do straight quotes and doubled hyphens make you wince?

Do you take pride in pragmatic design, in creating something as readable as it is beautiful?

If this sounds like you, we’ve got your perfect career.

At Scribe, we’re growing, and we need great creatives to design our books.

We’re looking for someone with substantial book design and layout experience. Proficiency with InDesign, along with an understanding of both print and ebook production, is paramount. Photoshop, Illustrator, and additional expertise in related disciplines (scripting/automation, photo processing, illustration, etc) are also a welcome plus.

Most of all, we’re looking for someone with impeccable attention to detail, with the design and typography chops to match.

Necessary Skills & Qualifications

Here is the list of skills we believe are necessary for this career.

  • World-class design skills: We are more concerned about your talent than your resume. If your portfolio is good, we’re willing to give you a shot, regardless of credentials.
  • Detail-driven: This cannot be overstated. You are responsible for the correctness of your work as much as you are for its design quality. Don’t expect a proofreader to fix your TOC page numbers. To be clear: this doesn’t mean you are expected to catch typos that were already present in the source material—it just means that you should not be introducing any new ones. In fact, this is so crucial in the question that asks you “What is your favorite animal?” we want you to answer with “Attention to detail is my middle name.”
  • Organized: This is not a job for someone who is lax with due dates or communication. You may be juggling multiple design projects at once, and you’ll have to be able to get things done and keep up with your projects.

Salary & Benefits

  • Competitive Pay: Working with us, there is none of the unpaid time you typically spend finding the client, negotiating your deal, admin work, etc. Only time spent doing what you love!
  • Be Part of a Tribe: This role is intended to begin as freelance, but there is real potential to move to full time, given you want this and you do a great job. We see ourselves as a tribe of people who are working hard together to accomplish a specific mission (help everyone on earth write, publish and market their book), in service of a larger purpose (help people share their story and leave a legacy of impact on others). We also have a pretty cool set of principles that we live by as a tribe, you should check it out, because this is the operating system for our tribe.
  • Freedom: You can work from anywhere—we don’t care. We only care that you have reliable phone and internet connections and that you do your job well.
  • Fun & Fast-Paced Work: We don’t have boring days. Some are hectic, some are hard, some are incredibly rewarding…but they are never boring and never exactly the same. That’s what happens when you’re solving real problems for people.
  • Work with Interesting People: Past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories.

EEO Statement

At Scribe, we don’t just accept differences—we support them, celebrate them, and as a company, we thrive on them. Scribe is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and we actively look for and hire people who bring new perspectives and experiences to our tribe.


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