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Dark Horse is seeking the next addition to our Principal Accelerator Program. This is an unprecedented opportunity for CPAs to quickly build a book of business from scratch and, ultimately, obtain equity in the firm AND in your book of business.

Dark Horse Principals run their own book of business the way that they see fit, utilize a robust technology stack & marketing platform, and pull from the collective resources of the firm to scale their practice. Earning potential is unlimited.

A Dark Horse is commonly defined as, “a competitor about whom little is known but unexpectedly wins.” Many of our clients are indeed Dark Horses. Our mission, as their trusted advisor, is to empower them with financial and tax strategies that help them defeat the competition. The Dark Horse CPA is the ambitious, under-the-radar, accountant who strives to make a name for themselves. They are the CPA who is currently at a firm that underappreciates them and has chained them to a desk lest they fail to meet their billable hours. They are the CPA who is frustrated with the barriers to growth and advancement in this firm. Or, they are the independent CPA that has a growing book of business but needs additional expertise to tap into as well as administrative and professional personnel to free them up to focus on being the trusted advisor to their clients. They are the CPA who knows that businesses are moving towards distributed workforces who leverage technology to lower overhead and provide higher levels of client service. Ultimately, the Dark Horse CPA values a balance between support and autonomy in their practice and the ability to build substantial wealth on their quest to create their best life. We created a firm that supports the Dark Horse CPA so that they can serve the Dark Horse client at the highest level.

As a Dark Horse Principal, you will set your own prices, your own hours and the way in which you work with clients. We believe that your work and your lifestyle should be designed intentionally in ways that support you, your family and your clients. And, we recognize this design is going to be unique to your personal situation. When your personal and professional lives harmonize, you’ll be surprised of what you’re capable of.

We’ve built, and continue to build, an enterprise-level technology stack that will enable you to scale your book of business as much as you want with as little headache as possible. We’ll help you grow your book through our digital marketing program and internal referrals from other Dark Horse CPAs. We will coach you on how to take advantage of these opportunities as well as how to source opportunities in your local market. When you find that you need additional help to handle your current workload, we offer first class fractional personnel. When you need one or more full-time employees, we will help you get the right personnel lined up. When you find yourself dealing with unfamiliar subject matter (maybe it’s a 754 election or a new FASB), there is likely another Principal who has relevant experience that can help you tackle the issue for your client.

Our comp program for our Principals is multi-faceted and is an industry-first. It includes:

  • Profit Sharing: For the clients you manage, you will earn the majority of the revenue generated
  • Stock Options: The yearly profit earned from your book of business will yield stock option grants in the firm based on a transparent and objective formula. Shareholders receive prorata distributions on a quarterly basis.
  • Recruitment: If you bring in another Principal into the firm, you will earn a percentage of their revenue for as long as you’re both with the firm.
  • Origination: If you help another Principal procure business, you will receive a percentage of the revenues generated by that client for as long as you’re both at the firm.
  • Sale of Clients: Upon exit, you will be able to sell your book of business back to the company in a structured and transparent fashion designed to net you a 1.25X multiple of annual recurring revenue

This specific job opening is for our Principal Accelerator Program which, as the title suggests, is an accelerated path to build a book of business and build the skillset necessary to become a Dark Horse Principal. If you have the skills and the desire, we have everything else to ensure your success.

This position offers a base salary plus commission and you will be an employee of Dark Horse. If, down the line, you like to apply for and be accepted as a Principal, compensation would then change to commission-only. There is no guarantee of this or a requirement for applicants to select this career path.

Candidates must be actively licensed CPAs. Highly qualified candidates possess the following:

  • 5+ years of public accounting experience
  • Substantial experience in financial & management accounting
  • Experience in tax preparation and planning for businesses, trusts/estates and/or individuals
  • Proficiency in all Microsoft Office & QuickBooks products
  • Technological aptitude and ease in working in virtual environments (i.e. Zoom meetings)
  • High degree of social awareness, authenticity and ability to quickly build trust and rapport
  • Alignment with our mission & values

A bit of housekeeping: we cannot stress enough the importance of candidates being aligned with who we are and how we do business. If you’re just looking for a job, save yourself the trouble, as we are only looking for candidates who can articulate why they believe they are the next Dark Horse CPA and have the requisite enthusiasm that an opportunity like this commands. To that end, if the subject line of your correspondence to us is anything other than, “My name is (insert name) and I Want to Work at Dark Horse!” you will not hear back from us.

This is an opportunity to help build the firm of the future and to be able to participate in its’ success in a meaningful way. Are you a Dark Horse CPA? Let’s find out!


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